Spyder Aluminium Products

We can offer a wide range of Aluminium products to improve reliability and efficiency of all the Lotus range, the advantages with these products are better cooling, lighter, no rusting.

With older Lotus twincam engines over heating has been a blight for many, with a more efficient aluminium radiator and heater tank and more efficient electrical cooling fan that is controlled via a fan which makes for a more reliable system.

Spyder Aluminium fuel tanks can be supplied as a direct replacement for the standard steel tank, we can also offer foam filled to MSA specification another option we offer is an internal collector ideal for track use.


We offer an improved banjo fitting outlet on Elan tanks which is less likely to be damaged than the rather fragile outlet pipe and offers more secure pipe fitting. We can also offer new fuel sender units to suit all of our tanks.

Elan & +2 Aluminium Radiator SPYRAD £462.00
Electric Cooling Fan For Above 2 x on each rad SPYRAD3 £38.50 each
Radiator Fan Switch ZT63 £21.07
Bottom Water Hose Silicone ZT53 £15.95
Top Water Hoses Silicone ZT54 £63.58 Pair
Hose Clips Set SPYRAD4 £11.00
Elan Aluminium Fuel Tank SPYFUEL1 £396.00
MSA Approved foam fill SPYFOAM1 £68.00
Internal Collector SPYFC1 £54.00
Elan +2 Aluminium Fuel Tank std shape SPYFUEL2 £396.00
Elan & Elan +2 Aluminium water header tank SPYRAD2 £159.50


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