Lotus Elan +2 Zetec Conversion Products

We have developed the Spyder Zetec conversion over the past few years,starting from our tried and tested Spyder Spaceframe chassis & suspension systems.

After years of development on standard Lotus Elan +2 & Elan with only a few weak links remaining in the mechanics of the car IE the Engine/Gearbox Diff we decided to go a step further by installing a modern Ford 2 Litre 16 valve engine mated to a Ford 5 speed Mt75 gearbox and the Rear ford differential from the Ford sierra. This coupled with vented discs on the front & rear discs with a conventional type hand brake lever operating Ford Sierra rear calipers sorting another issue with the original set-up.

Elan +2 Spyder Zetec Spaceframe Chassis ZT1 £2495.00
Upper Front Tubular Front Wishbones 2x Pairs BOWB060 £120.60
Lower Front Tubular Wishbones 2x Pairs BOWB057 £151.00
Front Wishbone Bushes
Set Of 8
12SV005 £68.00
Front Spyder Upright R/H 29HC009 £375.00
Front Spyder Upright L/H 29HC010 £375.00
Front Wheel Bearing Kit R/H ZT48R £29.98
Front Wheel Bearing Kit L/H ZT48L £29.98
Front Hub Stub Axle L/H new
4.250″ PCD
29HU001 £195.00
Front Hub Stub Axle R/H new
4.250″ PCD
29HU002 £195.00
Front Brake Discs (Pair) ZT37


Front Brake calipers Ford 60mm piston ZTW46 £235.00
Brake Caliper Bolts ZT50 £8.00
Front Hub Inner Caps ZT106 Pair £24.00
Front Brake Pads EBC GreenStuff ZTFB1 £76.80
Brake Hose Kit Braided Car Set ZT16 £89.00
Steering Rack & Mounting Clamps/ UJ /Track Rods ZT4 £285.00
Upper Front Ball Joints (pair) 24BJ001P £37.40
Lower Front Ball Joints (pair) 24BJ005 £87.00
Lower Front Ball Joint Sockets (pair) 24JS001-2 £138.00
Fuel Pipe Kit hard Line chassis Inc Fittings ZT17 £68.00
Propeller Shaft ZT9 £245.00
Front Anti-Roll Bar Kit Inc
ZT8 £225.00

Front Dampers Adjustable (pair)Spax

BODA011P £241.66
Front Springs (Pair) BOSPZT1 £89.00
Engine Mounting Brackets (Pair ZT5 £198.00
Engine Isolators (pair) 07MG004HD £58.80
Gearbox Isolator 01MG006 £21.95
Propshaft Flange and Bolts ZT14 £76.00
Handbrake Lever ZT19 £50.00
Handbrake Cable ZT15 £86.50
Lower Rear Wishbones Toe adjustable (pair Inc bushes) ZTLR04 £265.00
Upper Rear Wishbones Adjustable Inc Bushes & Rod ends ZTUP05 £260.00
Rear Uprights (Pair) ZTRU02 £460.00
Rear Bearing Carriers (pair) RBC6626P £184.00
Rear Wheel Bearing R/H ZT49R £46.80
Rear Wheel Bearing L/H ZT49L £46.80
Rear Hubs bolt on 4.250″ PCD (pair) New RHU6880P £425.60
Outboard Drive Shafts (pair)New ODS6627P £230.00
Rear Brake Disc Shields (pair)not available BDS7464 £0
Rear Brake Caliper L/H CRB2222 £149.00
Rear Brake Caliper R/H CRB2224 £149.00
Brake Pad Kit Rear ZT40 £37.85
Upper Rear Damper Mounts (pair) ZTURD9 £78.00
Rear Damper adjustable
Spax (pair)
19DA001P £216.66
Rear Springs (pair) BOSP018P £88.00
Differential Mounting Kit Inc Isolators ZT6-11 £326.00
Gear Lever Kit MT75 Mk3 ZT13 £275.00
Intermediate Drive Shafts
ZT7 £254.00


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