Lotus Elan & +2 Steering & Minilite Wheels

Alloy Rack Clamps

Original steering rack to chassis.

Elan & +2 Alloy Rack Clamps 01ST001 £43.73 Car Set

Alloy clamps are supplied complete with U bolts, washers and nyloc nuts.

Designed to provide a more positive mounting for the steering rack, they attach to the existing mounting positions and require the original shim pack.

New Leyland Steering Rack

Elan & +2 Leyland Steering Rack 01ST003 £165.00
Rack Clamps to Suit Leyland Steering Rack 01ST002 £52.25
U Bolts for Leyland Steering Rack 01ST004 £10.95

Universal Joint

Steering rack to column.

A modern steering joint replacing the original flexible type. Supplied complete with 5/16″ unf x 1.5″ HT bolts, washers and nyloc nuts.

Universal Joint – Elan & +2 34UJ004 £31.85

Track Rod Ends

Lockheed, top quality.

Track Rod Ends – Elan & +2 07BJ004 £12.93 Each


Steering rack

Gaiters – Elan & +2 11SK009 £17.82 Car Set

Wheels – Minilite Genuine UK manufactured

Spydercars, in conjunction with one of the country’s leading wheel foundries, have developed an alloy version of the original Minilite to suit the Lotus Elan Series 4 and Sprint and all models of the Elan Plus Two.

Recommended tyre size 185/60/14 we find Yokohama tyres work really well.

The Minilite-pattern wheel is machined specifically to suit the layout of the five peg drive, knock-on Elan hub and is available in 14″ x 6J. The wheels are supplied complete with tapered lock rings to suit the original spinners. A 14″ X 6J bolt-on version is also available for the Europa.

A period wheel based on the timeless simplicity of the original product, it is both an appropriate and an ideal match for these attractive classic cars.

Five colours available: Black, White, Gold, Anthracite and Silver, all with polished rims.

Minilite Wheels – 14″ x 6J, Knock On, 5 Peg Drive, 13.25lbs, Solid Silver Colour £158.68 Each
Minilite Wheels – 4″ x 6J, Knock On, 5 Peg Drive, 13.25lbs, Diamond cut Highlight Rim £167.20 Each
Stainless Steel Locking Rings (Required) £16.50 Each
Colour Surcharge
£33.00 Each


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