Lotus Elan & +2 Spyder Twin Wishbone Rear Suspension System (RSC)

Our sophisticated rear suspension conversion offers remarkable improvements in reliability, handling and road holding. It takes full advantage of the latest tyre technology, exploiting lower aspect ratio tyres to the optimum.

Irritants such as leaking rear struts, perished bump rubbers and broken circlip grooves in the bearing housings are a thing of the past. The rubber drive couplings have an easier life too, as rear wheel travel has been reduced to 6″. The RSC also overcomes the difficulty of finding those obsolete or obsolescent rear end parts such as strut tubes, alloy hub carriers, upper spring seats etc. The lotocones – items which, more often than not, are supplied nowadays with non-original and incorrect tapered inner sleeves – are replaced by simple rubber bushings in the upper ends of the spring damper units.

The RSC is easy to install and uses bushings, bearings and dampers already common to other Lotus cars.

R.S.C. Basic Spec: Elan (Using your existing lower rear wishbones AOCX022 £1089.66
R.S.C. Full Spec: Elan (Including lower rear wishbones and all new bushings) AOCX024 £1356.96
R.S.C. Basic Spec: +2 (Using your existing lower rear wishbones) BOCX023 £1098.46
R.S.C. Full Spec: +2 (Including lower rear wishbones and all new bushings) BOCX025 £1356.96

The Elan RSC comprises:

  • 1 left-hand hub carrier
  • 1 right-hand hub carrier
  • 4 wheel bearings
  • 8 large circlips
  • 4 small circlips
  • 4 shim seals
  • 1 upper left rear wishbone
  • 1 upper right rear wishbone
  • 4 rubber bushings: upper rear inboard
  • 2 rubber bushings: upper rear outboard
  • 2 EN16T spindles, complete with washers and locknuts: connects the inboard ends of the upper rear wishbones to the chassis.
  • 2 chrome vanadium springs with closed and ground ends
  • 2 gas-assisted dampers.
  • 1 upper left rear bracket: attaches damper to chassis
  • 1 upper right rear bracket: attaches damper to chassis

Plus all necessary fasteners and fitting information


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