Lotus Elan & +2 Rollover Bars & Sill Members

Roll Bar Fitting Instruction with Extra Detail 16-03-07 Rollover and Side Impact Protection System

This comprehensive roll bar system is supplied complete with diagonal brace, backstays, mounting brackets, sill members, foot box members, seat belt anchorage points (full harness or standard strap arrangement) head restraint pads c/w mounting back plates and all necessary mounting bolts. Finished in semi gloss black powder coat.

Available either in part or to full specification.


Left Hand Drive Full Spec: Elan AOR0016 £987.80
Right Hand Drive Full Spec: Elan AOR0015 £987.80

Rollover Bar

Featuring a diagonal brace, backstays, mounting brackets and seat belt anchorage points. Finished in semi gloss black powder coat.

LHD Basic Spec: Elan AORO002 £753.50
RHD Basic Spec: Elan AORO001 £.753.50

Sill and Foot Box Member

Attach to the main roll over bar hoop, occupy the left and right hand sill cavities, run across each foot box (beneath the pedals) and connect to existing body to chassis pickups.

Protects both driver and passenger against side and wheel intrusion. Finished in semi gloss black powder coat.

LHD Sill and Foot Box Member: Elan AORO006 £247.50
RHD Sill and Foot Box Member: Elan AORO005 £247.50
Elan side and foot well protection system for use without roll over bar AOSF001 £544.50
Elan Harness Mounting Plate kit AOWHP001 £130.90
Harness sets to suit – Black SPY002 £62.65 Each
Elan S3 to Sprint Inertia Seat Belt Bracket INEDH £152.90 Pair
Inertia Reel INEFH £152.35 Pair

Head Restraint Pads Kit

Designed to guard against whiplash. Supplied complete with mounting brackets, adjustable screws and lock nuts, only suitable for use with Spyder rollover hoop and backstays.

Adjustable Head Restraint Pads Kit AORO009 £57.20 Each

Galvanised Sill Member Kit

Provides strong anchorage points for driver and passenger seat belts, four strong and reliable jacking points and stiffens the door apertures and protects against side intrusions.

Many plus 2s have sill members decayed beyond recognition. This less than healthy situation perpetuates because many M.O.T. inspectors are unaware of their existence.

For peace of mind remove your closing plates and inspect the condition of your sill members now.

The Spyder Sill member kit includes left and right hand galvanised sill members, front and rear jacking bushes, six inner sandwich plates, seat belt anchorage points and all the necessary mounting nuts, bolts and washer. The sill members can also be purchased individually.

Galvanised Sill Member Kit: +2 BOSM001 £263.90

Galvanised Sill Members

Supplied separately including bolt kit and backing plates.

L/H: +2 BOSM003 £166.34
R/H: +2 BOSM002 £166.34

Wheel Arch Closing Plates: Galvanised

Front: +2 BOSM004 £9.95 Each
Rear: +2 BOSM005 £9.95 Each

+2 Rear Seatbelt Mounting Kit

Upper Mounting Bracket Including Bushes & Small Plates BOWHP001 £149.00

Supplied plain without logos as standard.


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