Lotus Europa Twincam & Special Spyder Double Wishbone Rear Suspension, Drive Train and 10″ Disc Brake System

Upgrading the Europa with Ford’s latest drive line braking technology.


Used in conjunction with 14″ wheels.

Europa Twincam and Special22BC002£2250.00

Designed to suit the Europa Twincam 336, 352 and Special 365, 352. The major components are as follows:


Spyder Components

2 x Wishbones: Lower RearCOWB010£103.45 Each
4 x Bushings: Lower Rear Inner21BU002£8.20 Each
4 x Bushings: Lower Rear Outer21BU003£7.30 Each
1 x Bolt Kit: Lower Rear Inner21BK005£9.40
1 x Bolt Kit: Lower Rear Outer21BK004£11.60
1 x Hub Carrier: L/HCOHC007£175.00
1 x Hub Carrier: R/HCOHC008£175.00
1 x Wishbone: Upper Rear L/HCOWB020£82.90
1 x Wishbone: Upper Rear R/HCOWB019£82.90
2 x Bushings: Upper Rear Outer21BU003£7.30 Each
4 x Bushings: Upper Rear Inner19BU004£7.30 Each
2 x Springs: 1.9" idCOSP019£36.80 Each
2 x Intermediate Drive ShaftsCOSH005£139.00 Each
2 x Universal Joints: InboardCOUJ002£22.60 Each
1 x Brake Hose Kit: Front and RearCBHK011£44.95
1 x Handbrake CableCHBC015£98.50
1 x Brake Pipe: Rear 4 Way Union R/H HoseCOBH033£6.80
1 x Brake Pipe: Rear 4 Way Union RLH HoseCOBH032£6.80

Plus all the necessary high tensile bolts, nyloc nuts, washers, stainless steel locking wire etc to attach the above items to a chassis fitted with the required brackets.


Ford Motor Company Components

These Ford components are required for the above kit and can be supplied by Spyder

1 x Outboard Drive Shaft: L/HODS6627£49.50
1 x Outboard Drive Shaft: R/HODS6631£49.50
2 x Outboard Constant Velocity Joints10CX012£59.90 Each
2 x Outboard CVJ Boot Kits01CX013£15.31 Each
2 x Bearing CarriersRBC6626£29.95 Each
4 x Tapered Rollers BearingsTRB0418£15.30 Each
4 x SealsRHS0417£1.39 Each
2 x Rear HubsRHU6880£64.80 Each
1 x Retaining Nut: L/HHRN3688£2.95
1 x Retaining Nut: R/HHRN3689£2.95
2 x Thrust WashersHTW2937£0.58 Each
2 x Brake Discs: 10" Top HatBRD2666£34.20 Each
2 x Disc ShieldsBDS7464£6.85 Each
1 x Caliper: L/H - ReconditionedCRB2222£149.00
1 x Caliper: R/H - ReconditionedCRB2224£149.00
1 x Brake Pad KitBPK2206£35.10 Each
8 x Bolts: Bearing Housing to UprightBOL9214£0.72 Each
4 x Bolts: Caliper to Bearing HousingBOL9215£0.70 Each

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