Lotus Elan & +2 Wishbone, Road Spring, Rear Hubs, Bearings and Sill Member Services

Charges only. No Materials Included


Wishbone Rubber Bushings

Remove From Front or rear Wishbone01SV021£3.00 Each
Press Fitted to Wishbones01SV022£3.00 Each

Road Springs

Remove From Damper Units01SV023£7.50 Each
Press Fitted to Damper Units01SV024£7.50 Each

Rear Hubs and Bearings

Save the possible expense of replacing the hub pullers, rear hubs or both.

Pressing out Shaft and Bearings from the Rear Housing. Press Fitting New Bearings and Assembling Alloy Rear Housing.01SV025£35.00 Per Side

Sill Members

Removing Originals and Replacing With New£175.00 Per Side

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