Lotus Elan & +2 Front Suspension

Although they’ve been copied by many over the years the genuine Spyder wishbones are still the best, and, suprisingly still the best value.


Tubular Front Wishbones

Upper Front: ElanAOWB059£59.60 Per Pair
Upper Front: +2BOWB060£60.30 Per Pair
Lower Front: ElanAOWB056£68.50 Per Pair
Lower Front: +2BOWB057£75.50 Per Pair

The inboard ends of the Spyder tubular wishbones for the Elan and the +2 are reinforced by unequal length wraps. The outer ends of the lower front wishbones (where the spring/damper and trunnion attaches) have been designed to combat bolt hole elongation.


The wishbones are finished in a durable black powder coat and supplied with outer bolts, washers and nylocs. (Note a car set is 2x pairs upper & 2x pairs lower)



Rubber Bushings for the Above Wishbones

Bushes front upper & lower Elan & +2 All types12SV005£8.50 Each

Adjustable Wishbones

Designed for competition use only. Tubular front wishbones (Four pairs per car – 2 upper, 2 lower). Supplied less rod end bearings.

Upper Front: ElanAOWB046£76.00
Upper Front: +2BOWB047£79.25
Lower Front: ElanAOWB043£89.90
Lower Front: +2BOWB045£91.17

 Rod End Bearings & Spyder Billet Front Bush Adaptors

Rod end bearing whilst great for track use, they are not as compliant as rubber under road conditions,so Spyder have designed a billet bush adaptor that can be used with standard bushes or Polybushes.

The adaptors are used in conjunction with Spyder Adjustable wishbones can be used with Front Upper & Lower,for normal set up Uppers only are sufficient.

1/2" UNF x 1/2" Bore07BR012£29.75 Each
Front Adjustable Bush AdaptorADJ01£39.85 Each

 Wishbone Spindles

Manufactured from stainless steel and supplied complete with heavy duty washers, nylocs and lock nuts. 

Elan & +2 21NB014£15.95 Each

 Spyder Front Uprights

Featuring lower ball joints and live stub axles with steering arms and brake caliper mounting brackets integrated with the main fabricated bodies. Utilizes existing upper front ball joints and fits between existing front wishbones. Can only be used with the Ford 4 or 5 bolt hub fixing as the Zetec conversion IE (not suitable with knock on hubs).

L/H Elan & +2 29HC009£248.00
R/H Elan & +2 29HC010£248.00

Lower Front Ball Joints & Sockets

To suit Spyder Front Uprights

Ball Joints: Elan & +224BJ005£33.50 Each
Ball Joint Sockets: Elan24JS001£39.65 Each
Ball Joint Sockets: +224JS002£39.65 Each

Front Uprights

Original Triumph Herald type

L/H Elan & +229HC008£89.95
R/H Elan & +229HC007£89.95

Grease Nipples

Front uprights 


Elan & 224NB030£2.95 Each

Stub Axles

Precision ground in EN24T

Elan & +229SH005£31.60 Each
D Washers: (Front stub axles) 24NB092£1.70 Each
Hub Retaining Nuts: (Front stub axles)24NB091£3.80 Each

Upper Front Ball Joints

Lockheed. Best quality, fitted with the correct boots to suit all types of upper front wishbones.

Elan & +22BJ001£19.20 Each

Lower Trunnions

Lower Trunnions: L/H Elan & +224BJ003£18.85 Each
Lower Trunnions: R/H Elan & +224BJ002£18.85 Each
Lower Trunnion Overhaul Kit: Elan & +224SK009£8.50 Each
Lower Trunnion Top Seals24SK010£1.75 Each

Front Springs

Designed by Spyder and manufactured in chrome vanadium.

ElanAOSP009£44.50 Each
+2BOSP010£44.50 Each

Spyder Front Dampers – Aluminium Bodied

All damper units are supplied with the appropriate spring collars and upper and lower isolation mounting kits.

Adjustable Spring Seat: Elan SpaxAODA010£120.83 Each
Adjustable Spring Seat: +2 SpaxBODA011£120.83 Each

Wheel Bearing Kits

Original Triumph Herald uprights

Elan & +2 C/W Felt Seals29BR008£19.05 Per Wheel Set
Anti Roll Bar: Elan FrontAOAB001£77.75
Anti Roll Bar: Elan Front
7/8" Dia solid with oilon droplinks
Anti Roll Bar: +2 FrontBOBA001£87.75
Anti Roll Bar: +2 Front
7/8" Dia solid with oilon drop links

An uprated anti roll bar designed for road use. Manufactured from 3/4″ diameter thick wall tubing to the original profile and supplied with new rubber bushings.

The 7/8″ Solid versions are ideal for track use,they are supplied with Spyder drop links with Oilon blocks & rod end bearings.

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