Lotus Elan & +2 Bolt Kits & Spindles/Electrical

Body to Chassis

Elan & +201BK001£29.90 Per Car Set


Lower Inner Rear: Elan & +221BK005£11.40 Per Car Set
Lower Outer Rear: Elan & +221BK004£13.60 Per Car Set

Rubber Drive Couplings

Elan & +2
24x bolts-24x nylocs
01BK006£69.90 Each


Manufactured from stainless steel, complete with lock nuts and washers.

Front Wishbone to Chassis: Elan & +2 Spyder Only
Stainless Steel
21NB014£15.95 Each
Nylon Nuts: 1/4" UNF24NB031£0.35 Each
Nylon Nuts: 5/16" UNF24NB032£0.40 each
Nylon Nuts: 3/8" UNF24NB033£0.45 Each
Nylon Nuts: 7/16" UNF24NB034£0.50 Each
Nylon Nuts: 1/2" UNF24NB035£0.55 Each
Nylon Nuts: 9/16" UNF24NB036£0.60 Each
Nylon Nuts: 5/8" UNF24NB037£0.71 Each

Most of the bolts listed above are specially manufactured high tensile shear bolts and are usually supplied in a zinc plated finish.


Drill Bits, Taps and Chassis Change Instructions

Elan & +201BK008£49.00 Per Car Set
Reverse light switch

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