Marcos Triumph GT6 Ginetta Adjustable Wishbones

We have been ask by several new customers if we can supply adjustable wishbones for above marques as we do for the classic Lotus, so not to disappoint we developed a car set of our renowned quality wishbones.


These can be used with the standard uprights and brakes, or upgrade to our own Spyder uprights using larger modern Ford wheel bearing vented discs and Ford 60mm Dia brake calipers. The latter also replaces the troublesome lower trunion with a lower ball joint system. (note larger wheels are required ).

We can supply fully adjustable IE upper and Lower or a combination of fixed lower and adjustable uppers.

Marcos-GT6-Ginetta wishbone conversion£1,824.68

The above kit consists:

2 x Front Upper Wishbones L/H & R/H Upper AdjustableMGGB062£96.75 Each
2 x Lower Upper Wishbones L/H & R/H FixedMGGB063£112.38 Each
2 x Upper Front Ball Joint24BJ001£19.20 Each
1 x Spyder Front Upright - Left29HC009£248.00
1x Spyder Front Upright - Right29HC010£248.00
2 x Upper Front Ball Joint24BJ001£19.20 Each
2 x Lower Front Ball Joint Sockets24JS003£39.95 Each
1 x Stub Axles L/H 4.250"29HU001£78.50
1 x Stub Axles R/H 4.250"29HU002£78.50
2 x Lower Ball Joints24BJ005£33.50 Each
2 x ABS Spacers29BR012£12.80 Each
2 x Closing Caps: Inner Hub29HU003£12.95 Each
2 x Vented Brake Discs 10.250" Diameter
EBC high quality
29BD006£49.90 Each
1 x Brake Caliper L/H
ford 60mm piston cast steel
1 x Brake Caliper R/H
ford 60mm piston cast steel
4 x Rod End Bearings 1/2" x 1/2" UNF (Premium Quality)07BR012£29.95 Each
1 x Wheel Bearing Kit R/H29BR011£34.50
1 x Wheel Bearing Kit L/H29BR010£34.50
4 x Rubber Bushings Front Wishbones Fitted12SV005£8.50 Each
1 x Set of Front Brake Pads29BP007£36.50
Billet bush adaptors to fit 12SV005ADJ01£39.85 Each

A wheel size diameter of at least 14″ would be required to fit the vented discs and Spyder uprights.
We can supply above in fully adjustable upper & lower if required.
The wishbones can be used with the original Triumph uprights and brakes.
The location holes in your chassis can be opened out to suit the 1/2″.
Bore of the rod end bearings or alternatively we can supply sleeve to change the bore to 3/8″ or 7/16″ if required.
For normal road use upper adjustable wishbones will be more than adequate to achieve correct geometry.


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