Lotus Europa Twincam Special Spyder Double Wishbone Rear Suspension and Driveshaft Conversion (R.S.C.)

Spyder twin wishbone and final drive shaft conversions are suitable for the Lotus Europa range fitted with a Spyder spaceframe chassis.


Our sophisticated rear suspension conversion offers remarkable improvements in reliability, handling and road holding. It also takes full advantage of the latest tyre technology.


Designed to accept original drum brake layout of the Europa Twincam Special.

Europa Special 365& 352COCX024£1978.75

The major components of the Europa Twincam Special (COCX024) are as follows:

2 x Wishbones: Lower rearCOWB010£103.45 Each
4 x Bushings: Lower Rear Inner21BU002£8.70 Each
4 x Bushings: Lower Rear Outer21BU003£7.30 Each
1 x Bolt Kit: Lower Rear Inner21BK005£9.40
1 x Bolt Kit: Lower Rear Outer21BK004£11.60
1 x Hub Carrier: L/HCOHC006£195.00
1 x Hub Carrier: R/HCOHC005£195.00
4 x Wheel Bearings07BR019£16.75 Each
2 x SealsCOSE005£6.58 Each
4 x Circlips: Large08NB001£00.96 Each
2 x Shim Seals01SC001£2.05 Each
2 x Bearing SealsCOSC009£14.95 Each
2 x Hub SpacersCOSC005£17.95 Each
2 x Tapered Lock RingsCOSC003£18.95 Each
2 x Castelated Nuts: 3/4" UNFCONB006£3.45 Each
2 x Split Pins: 4mm x 40mm24NB077£1.00 Each
2 x Outboard Drive ShaftsCOSH002£146.00 Each
2 x Intermediate Drive Shafts: 3.250" A/FCOSH004£139.00 Each
2 x Rubber Drive Couplings01MG017£84.95 Each
2 x Universal Joints: 3.250" A/F YokeCOUJ002£22.60 Each
1 x Wishbone: Upper Rear L/HCOWB020£82.90
1 x Wishbone: Upper Rear R/HCOWB019£82.90
2 x Bushings: Upper Rear Outer21BU003£7.30 Each
2 x Bushings: Upper Rear Inner19BU004£7.30 Each
1 x Brake Hose Kit: Front and RearCOBH014£44.95
2 x Springs: Chrome Vanadium 1.9" id 100LBS/"COSP019£36.80 Each
1 x Brake Pipe: Rear 4 Way Union - R/H HoseCOBH033£6.80
1 x Brake Pipe: Rear 4 Way Union - L/H HoseCOBH032£6.80

Plus all the necessary high tensile bolts, nyloc nuts, washers, stainless steel locking wire etc to attach the above items to a chassis fitted with the required brackets.

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