Lotus Europa Rear Suspension & Final Drive

The free lengths of the Spyder chrome vanadium rear springs may differ from the original; especially on the series 2 model. We recommend a damper open dimension at normal ride height of approximately 15.750″ (400 mm). This measurement refers to the dimension between the centres of the upper and lower damper mounting bolts, and must be taken with the vehicle standing on level ground, with no occupants, fuel tank half full, front and rear boot spaces empty and the spare wheel in place. If the vehicle is fitted with adjustable dampers, slacken off the rate adjustment screws. As a result the dampers will perform in the, mid portion of their operating stroke and the rear wheels will adopt more vertical camber. Possible damage to rear tyres, wheel bearing overloading and deterioration of the universal joints will also be reduced. Assuming the front dampers are operating in the, mid portion of their stroke, the car will ride flatter, adopt a less frog like appearance and encounter less lift at speed.

All damper units supplied by Spyder are complete with all the necessary rubber mounting bushings, nuts and washers.


Damper Units and Springs: Rear

Dampers: C/W Adjustable Spring Seats19DA001£108.33 Each
Springs: R.S.C. SystemCOSP091£44.50 Each
Springs: Lotus SystemCOSP003£44.50 Each

Universal Joints: C/W Greaser

Series 2: 2.750" A/F Yoke11UJ001£18.75 Each
Twin Can & Special: 3.250" A/F YokeCOUJ002£22.60 Each

Lower Rear Links

For use with the original suspension system. Finished in black powder coat.

Europa Series 2: AdjustableCOWB065£145.00
Europa Twin Cam & Special: AdjustableCOWB067£145.00
Europa Series 2: FixedCOWB066£98.90
Europa Twin Cam & Special: FixedCOWB068£98.90

Spyder Double Wishbone Rear Suspension, Drive Train and 10″ Disc Brake Systems

Upgrading the Europa with Ford’s latest drive line braking technology.

Used in conjunction with 14″ wheels.

Europa Series 222BC001£2250.00
Europa Twincam & Special22BC002£2250.00
Europa twincam Adjustable lower rear wishbone R/HCOWBA01£124.00
Europa twincam Adjustable lower rear wishbone L/HCOWBA02£124.00
Europa Series 2 Adjustable lower rear wishbone R/HCOWBA03£119.00
Europa Series 2
Adjustable lower rear wishbone L/H
Rod end bearings for above 1/2" x 1/2" UNF
Fitted to Inner
Bushes Outer 01SV004£7.30

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STP60139-002Front adjustable damper