Lotus Europa Fuego 5 Speed Transaxle Conversion Kit

Europa Series 2COCX054£985.00
Europa Twincam 336COCX014£985.00
Europa Twincam and Special, 352 and 365COCX040£1095.00

The above kit is designed to be used in conjuction with the Spyder spaceframe chassis and twin wishbone

rear suspension systems. this is not suitable for use with standard Lotus chassis or standard rear suspension.

Installing the Renalt NG1 or NG3 5 speed transaxle provides the Europa with several significant advantages :

  • Precise gear changing
  • well chosen ratios
  • Relaxed high speed cruising with overdrive 5th

The kits, Reference number COCX054  (  Series 2 ) and COCX014 (Twincam 336) consists of :

  • 1 x Transaxle mounting frame               1 x Steady for trailing gearlink
  • 4 x Tapered isolator mountings             2 x Isolator steady
  • 2 x Spreader washers                           1 x Isolator cup & nut
  • 2 x high tensile bolt & Nylocs                1 x Rod end bearing : Steady
  • 1 x Modified selector shaft                    1 x Bolt & nut steady
  • 1 x rod end bearing & locknut

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Fuego Kit of parts pictureEuropa Fuego conversion picture