Lotus Europa Chassis & Wheels


Light, strong and easily repairable with torsional rigidity substantially increased. Finished in red stove enamel and guaranteed for eight years against corrosion.Dual rear suspension pick-up points accommodate existing double transverse links or our new, stronger and more efficient double wishbone and driveshaft conversion. Revised chassis spine and engine bay design mean engine, ancillaries, handbrake and speedometer cables are much more accessible. Removal of engine and transaxle is far easier and no longer requires the suspension to be dismantled. Mounting kit available to accept the Renault 395, NG1 or NG3 5-speed transaxles- stronger, smoother and more reliable than the original equipment. All mountings and pick-up points strengthened to eliminate the problem of fatigue cracking. Front towers are also fitted with closing plates to prevent entry of road dirt and water. Removable front wishbone spindles allow complete detachment of front suspension in minutes.

Accepted by all leading U.K. insurance companies.

Europa Series 2COCH003£2995.00
Europa Twincam 336COCH004£2995.00
Europa Twincam 352COCH006£2995.00
Europa Special 365 5-Speed & 352 4-SpeedCOCH007£2995.00
Europa T/C 336F C/W Fuego 5-Speed Pick-UpsCOCH005£2995.00
Europa repair original chassis new front section
shot blast & paint
Clutch Bracket: T/C (Engine Mounted)COCL001£68.75

The Europa Spaceframe Chassis Kit Comprises:

1 Spyder spaceframe chassis – guaranteed for eight years against corrosion.
1 Detachable engine bay crosmember.
2 Upper front wishbone spindles complete with Nyloc nuts and washers.
2 Lower front wishbone spindles complete with Nyloc nuts and washers.
4 Shear bolts c/w washers: steering rack mounting clamps to chassis.
1 Undertray: body to chassis.
3 Undertray mounting screws c/w washers.
1 Instruction sheet
4 Shear bolts, plated: radius arm mounting to chassis.
10 Setscrews, plated: brake master cylinder to chassis.


Wheels – Minilite Pattern

Available in five colours: black, white, anthracite, silver and gold.

Designed for use with the original hubs and brakes:

14" x 6J x 3.750" PCD/4 Bolt: Solid Colour01WT009 (A)£115.00 Each
14" x 6J x 3.750" PCD/4 Bolt: Highlighted Rim01WT009 (B)£135.00 Each

Designed for use in conjunction with 10″ rear and vented front disc arrangements:

14" x 6J x 4.250" PCD/4 Bolt: Solid Colour01WT012 (A)£115.00 Each
14" x 6J x 4.250" PCD/4 Bolt: Highlighted Rim01WT012 (B)£135.00 Each


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