Lotus Europa Cables, Hoses Pipes & Bushings

Upper and Lower Inner front25BU001£8.50 Each
Lower Inner Rear: Spyder RSC System21BU006£9.70 Each
Lower Outer Rear: Spyder RSC System21BU003£8.30 Each
Upper Outer Rear: Spyder RSC System21BU003£8.30 Each
Upper Inner Rear: Spyder RSC System19BU004£7.20 Each

Engine Mountings

Spyder Spaceframe Chassis07MG004£19.75 Each
Lotus Original Layout02MG005£24.45 Each

Lower Rear Links

Alloy hub carrier to transaxle

Series 2COBU011£7.40 Each
Twin Cam04BU010£8.50 Each
Steering Column070BU009£5.58 Each

Brake Pipe Kits

Produced in thick wall kunifer copper/nickel tubing. All pipes are cut to length and provided with flared ends and male and female nuts.

Europa Series 2: Spyder RSCCOBH006£114.00 Per Car Set
Europa Twincam: Spyder RSCCOBH005£114.00 Per Car Set
Europa Series 2: Lotus Rear SuspensionCOBH004£114.00 Per Car Set
Europa Twincam: Lotus Rear SuspensionCOBH003£114.00 Per Car Set

Aeroquip Flexible Brake Hose Kits

Europa: Spyder RSCCOBH014£44.95 Per Car Set
Europa: Lotus Rear SuspensionCOBH013£44.95 Per Car Set
Grommet: Water Pipes to CassisCOGM001£9.50 Each


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