Lotus Elan & +2 Rear Wishbones, Bushings & Dampers

Although they’ve been copied by many over the years the genuine Spyder wishbones are still the best, and, suprisingly still the best value.


Lower Rear Wishbones

Manufactured in flat sided oval to check distortion under braking and to prolong the life expectancy of the strut inserts. Bushes can be supplied at extra cost. See price list.we can also supply round tube original type if required


Finished in black powder coat. If you require a different finish please get in touch.

L/H Elan Flat sided ovalAOWB007£84.50
R/H Elan Flat sided ovalAOWB006£84.50
Elan +2 Flat side oval18WB008£84.50
Elan +2 Round tube fixed18WB001£73.50
Elan Round tube fixedAOWB001£73.50


Adjustable Lower Rear Toe Wishbones

An Inexpensive way of enhancing your driving pleasure. Adjustable lower rear toe bones make adjusting the rear suspension toe-in a simple operation.  They are an easy-to-fit pair of replacements for the non-adjustable units you have at present.  Why fit them?  For 2 main reasons:


Firstly, for your Elan or Elan +2 equal rear toe settings are vital to obtain optimum handling performance, over our many years of experience we have found that at least 3/16” toe in at the rear works for fast road use, this can be achieved by fitting the Spyder rear toe bones. For sprint/hill climb & circuit driving the cars will benefit from even more toe in.


Secondly, You can fine tune your car’s handling to suit your own particular driving style.


Manufactured in 7/8″ Round x 16swg mild steel

+2 ELAN L/H & R/H 18WB010£117.00 Each
ELAN L/H & R/HAOWB010£117.00 Each

Bushes can be supplies and fitted at extra cost.


Adjustable Lower Rear Wishbones

Designed for competition use (less rod end bearings & spacers & sleeves). These are manufactured with Rod ends inboard bushes outboard

We use 1/2″ UNF rod end bearings with sleeves down to 7/16″ and spacers to make up bush width (sold seperately)


L/H: ElanAOWB041£99.75
R/H: ElanAOWB040£99.75



Lower rear wishbone, supplied and press fitted these are high quality bushes we have manufactured (not like some cheaper poor quality items)

Inboard End: Elan & +2 01SV003£8.70
Outboard End: Elan & +2 01SV004£7.30


Springs: Rear

Conventional Suspension: ElanAOSP001£44.50
R.S.C. System: Elan02SP003£44.50
Conventional Suspension: +2BOSP002£44.50
R.S.C. System: +2BOSP018£44.50

Only chrome vanadium springs are supplied by Spyder to ensure correct free and loaded lengths, proper rate (spring stiffness), consistent ride height and freedom from sagging. The springs above have been designed by Spyder and do not necessarily have the same wire diameter or number of coils as those supplied originally by Lotus Cars.


Strut Inserts and Dampers: Rear

With external adjustment to suit the Chapman strut layout, pre-set and ready for use.

Elan & +2 Rear strut Inserts Adjustable direct replacement (Spax)01DA004£108.33
Elan & +2 Spyder rear dampers to suit the R.S.C. systems.19DA001£108.33


Hub Carrier (Uprights) : R.S.C. Systems

L/H: Elan & +2 01HC002£183.75
R/H: Elan & +2 01HC001£183.75


Upper Rear Wishbones: R.S.C. Systems


L/H: Elan & +2 Adjustable outboard 01WB018£83.59
R/H: Elan & +2 Adjustable outboard01WB017£83.59


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