Lotus Elan & +2 Cables, Hoses, Pipes & Bushings


Speedo Cable: Elan & +201CA001£16.25
Handbrake Cable: ElanAOCA002£49.95
Handbrake Cable: +2BOCA003£49.95

Braided Brake Hose Kits

Complete with banjos, banjo bolts and copper washers.

Elan S1-S4AOBH010£54.50 Per Car Set
Elan SprintAOBH011£54.50 Per Car Set
+2BOBH012£54.50 Per Car Set

Braided Clutch Hose

Master to slave cylinder


Brake Pipe Kits

Manufactured from thick wall 90 -10 copper nickel seamless tubing. All pipes are supplied to the correct length, with flared ends and the appropriate male / female nuts.


Petrol Pipes

Tank to pump c/w olive 1/4″ od x .160″ bore

85" LG, C/W Two Olives: ElanAOPI002£12.50
92" LG, C/W Two Olives: +2BOPI003£12.50

Wishbone Bushings

Upper & Lower Inner Front: Elan & +225BU001£8.50 Each
Upper & Lower Inner Front: Elan & +2 PolybushPOLY005£14.95 Each
Lower Inner Rear: Elan & +221BU002£9.70 Each
Lower Inner Rear: Elan & +2 PolybushPOLY004£18.95 Each
Lower Outer Rear: Elan & +221BU003£8.30 Each
Lower Outer Rear: Elan & +2 PolybushPOLY003£16.50 Each
Upper Outer Rear: Elan & +2 with RSC21BU003£8.30 Each

Bump Rubbers

Rear Struts: Elan & +2 (Per Car)01BU005£26.20 Each
Polyurethane Bump Rubbers (4 Per Car)01BU006£11.93 Each

Rubber Mounting Kits

Spring damper Unit to Anti Roll Bar07MG003£5.30

Rubber Bushings

Anti Roll Bar to Drop Link : ElanAOBU006£4.95 Each
Anti Roll Bar Drop Link to Chassis (Polybushes)AOBU009£13.00 Each
Anti Roll Bar to Drop Link: +2BOBU007£4.95 Each


Lower Diff Mountings: Elan & +207MG003£5.30 Each
Upper Diff Mountings: Elan & +207MG002£24.50 Each
Regular Engine Mountings: Elan & +207MG004£19.95
Carb Side Engine Mountings: Elan02MG005£24.45
Gearbox Mounting: Elan & +201MG006£18.95
Steering Column: Elan & +207BU009£8.95
Lotocones01MG001£34.95 Each

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