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Spydercars Lotus Elan +2 Spyder Zetec

A full restoration from a basket case donor car through to a as new Spyder Zetec converted car.


These cars would never see the road again if we didn’t carry out these restorations We take an old scrap car and rework it into
a usable reliable classic that can be used everyday. They become fuel efficient, eco-friendly cars for life. Why drive
a tin box when you can have a car with a real character.


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Elan Zetec 26R Conversion

Here we have a customer inspired conversion from 2010 – a 26R style body with a full Spyder Zetec conversion, spaceframe chassis independent Spyder designed suspension all round independent double wishbone, vented disc brakes front with Wilwood 4 pot calipers, rear solid
disc, 190 BHP Ford Zetec engine with Jenvey throttle bodies, Emerald ECU and Spyder 4 branch exhaust manifold. Spyder Aluminium fuel tank, new aluminium dash board, Spyder rear harness brace and aircraft buckle harneses,leather trimmed seats and door cards.


Reviewed by many Lotus drivers as the best Elan ever driven!

Brings the fantastic Elan into a up to date sports car that will give any modern equivalent a run for their money.


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Lotus Elan Duratec Conversion

Spydercars Lotus Elan Duratec conversion, our tried and tested spaceframe chassis and suspension as used on our Elan Zetec conversion can now also be used with the Ford Duratec engine form 2 ltr to 2.4 ltr capacity from 180 – 280 BHP. we use throttle body fuel injection with Emerald ECU disc brakes all round with 4 pot Wilwood front calipers and vented discs, solid rear discs, Ford LSD and 5 speed gearbox. 


Independent suspension all round. Brings the 50 year old Elan into the 21st century, with modern performance and reliability

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